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3.3 fuel pressure regulator for saab 900

Parts for saab classic 900 (1979-1993)

Under High Boost and High-load conditions, the engine makes an immense demand for fuel. The standard fuel pressure regulators often struggle to keep the fuel-rail filled with sufficient pressure to supply all four of the injectors sufficiently.
This is particularly apparant when the engine has been upgraded, particularly with boost-increasing upgrades such as our engine management and chargecooler upgrade.
Standard SAAB fuel rail pressure is around 2.6-2.8 bar, this can give rise to detonation (pinking) problems when making swift transitions from part to full throttle and can momentarity starve the engine of fuel, this can eventually lead to valve and piston heat-damage - which requires expensive work to correct.
Using our 3.3 bar Regulator, the pressure in the fuel rail is kept higher, and as a result, fuel starvation under high-load is eliminated. This is a cost-effective way to safeguard your engine, particularly in the face of decreasing octane in modern fuels.
Abbott Racing does not fit or recommend the fitting of Rising-Rate-Regulators or Fuel-Boost-Valves often fitted by other SAAB tuners, as these can give rise to idle and stalling problems, as well as driveability issues on certain models and specifications.
After exhaustive testing, a fixed fuel pressure of 3.3 bar was chosen by us as the optimum running figure for the Classic 900.


305,90 € ou 3 x 101.97 € without fees 305.90

RBM Reference : AEN004
manufacturer : BOSCH

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